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Amir Khan: I Would Give Mayweather Harder Time Than Maidana

Amir KhanAmir Khan has great confidence and believes he could beat Floyd Mayweather after seeing the superstar boxer defeat Marcos Maidana in a unanimous decision this past weekend in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

The Brit was able to spot flaws in the American known as Money, which he wants to exploit.

Khan explained that Maidana was not anywhere as good has he been, but Maidana was still catching Money all the time, which affected the American. Imagine if it were someone younger and faster like myself, added the Brit.

Khan believes Mayweather is in a state of decline.

He still is the No. 1 fighter pound for pound in all of boxing, said Khan, but his movement is not the same or is his work rate.

He is not the same Money that boxed five years ago. Khan says the last two Mayweather fights have tired the champion. Khan is confident his style of boxing would give at least 10 times more problems to Money than Maidana did.

Khan knows he has shown his own weaknesses in his career, but against Mayweather, he is confident he would prevail. He claims to have a great boxing brain and no one can beat him when the bout is just about boxing.

He knows he has been knocked out a few times, but with just boxing, he is unbeatable. He knows it would be like a chess match with Mayweather and he would not lose a bout like that.

Khan believes that Mayweather will in fact retire following his next two matches and that is why he wants to fight him prior to that.

In his latest match, Khan was dazzling in defeating Luis Collazo in May in the first card that had Mayweather-Maidana.

Khan endured 13 months off after barely defeating Julio Diaz in April of 2013.

Mayweather learned of Khan’s confidence and his desire to fight him. The American said Amir remains a credible opponent and good fighter. However, Mayweather said he has remained champion during the entire time Khan has been both on top of boxing and near the bottom.