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Amir Khan: Mayweather Jr. Will Beat Pacquiao

Since the super fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao was announced about one month ago, boxers both past and present have weighed in with their opinion.

Therefore, it came as no surprise when England’s Amir Khan voiced his opinion this week. Khan believes Mayweather will be too much for Pacquiao when the two tangle on May 2 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

Khan thinks the slick fighting style of Mayweather will give problems to Pacquiao the entire bout and he sees Mayweather winning round after round with individual shots to Pacquiao’s head.

Khan is not sure what game plan will come out of the Mayweather corner, but he suspects Mayweather could take the fight to the Filipino to prove a point that he will not be backed up by Pacquiao or cowed by heavy pressure from the 38-year old.

Khan believes Pacquiao will have an opportunity to win if he can rough up Mayweather and then force him to enter into a slugfest. Khan believes Pacquiao still has the power to hurt his opponent if he can catch him with a strong enough shot to his head.

Khan said, “I think Mayweather wins the about,” and he added, “Mayweather will be much smarter on the night and pick the shots when they are there.”

Khan even thinks some will get bored on occasion from the bout, as it will look like all Manny, as he continues to plow straight ahead and throw loads of punches. However, Mayweather will attempt to avoid those punches and maybe throw one or at most two that count and step away again.

It is hard to make a prediction on how Mayweather is going to approach the fight with Pacquiao, but you can expect Mayweather to stand and trade punches the first few rounds. If he can dominate continuing that, he will if not, he will choose to step away and box him the remaining 8 or more rounds.

If Mayweather were to come out slugging, that might just catch Pacquiao off guard, because Pacquiao and Freddie Roach his trainer seem to belief the American will use movement to box him and not force. If Mayweather however opts to slug it out for a few rounds, he could throw Pacquiao’s rhythm off, especially if he reverts back to boxing him from the fifth round forward.

Khan said he has seen Mayweather via social media training and believes he is working very hard, which is something that has not been seen of late from the champion.

Khan like the rest of those boxers of today or yesterday are giving their best guess as to how this fight will be fought and whom they believe will eventually win. Of course, no one will know until May 2, but it is certainly entertaining to hear all the different opinions about the two same boxers.