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Boxing India Receives Good News From IBF President

Boxing IndiaWu Ching-Kuo the President of the International Boxing Federation had given the approval to the recent elections in Boxing India and advised the IOA-Indian Olympic Association to recognize the body to end any further confusion.

Wu said on Wednesday that it is in the best interest of all in India to come together under a single banner and bring boxing back in line.

The IBF chief said that all national federations must report back to the international federation. The history of the IBA shows that India is not the first to be suspended. The association has suspended the U.S., Great Britain, Wales, Thailand and Korea.

When suspended they all return, but if rules are not followed they are all out again.

With regard to India, where there are three organizations with applications for recognition by the AIBA, Wu clearly stated that AIBA is pleased with the report that its observer filed after the recent elections in Boxing India.

Wu insisted they want to be transparent and fair. He added that they want to clean the sport up and with the case of India, three federations applied and just one was selected, which was Boxing India. The organization had sent an observer to India to oversee all elections and the election that just ended was transparent and fair.

Wu however was very critical of the suggestions that came from certain place in India that said the AIBA had favored one body over the others.

He stated that everything followed the rules of the AIBA, with one statute and one decision, as it always is.

He did promise however, that no official from the old association, the India Amateur Boxing Federation, was blacklisted.

Many things happened under the old federation, which resulted in too many protests and complaints and the idea is for the IOA to recognize the new Boxing India organization.