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Diego Chaves and Timothy Bradley Fight Set for December

Diego ChavesTimothy Bradley, the former world champion in two divisions who is 31-1 with 12 KOs will fight Diego Chaves the No. 10 IBF challenger who is 23-2 with 19 KOs December 13 in an HBO telecast from Las Vegas.

The fight will be part of a triple header, with the other two bouts still unknown at this point.

The terms of the fight have been agreed upon and both fighters have been sent contracts for their signatures.

This fight could be very good for Bradley, who is the No. 3 WBO and No. 5 IBF challenger, if he mixes it up and does not just move around for the 12 rounds, as he did in the Juan Manuel Marquez fight in October of last year.

In his last bout, Bradley opted to punch it out with Manny Pacquiao and he lost a 12-round decision.

However, Bradley likely would have lost as well if he had chosen to box with Pacquiao as well. He simply was not in the same class in that bout.

Bradley said he is excited about returning to the ring against Chaves who is not well known but boxing fans are aware of who he is.

Chaves was a loser in his last bout to Brandon Rios by a 9th round controversial disqualification. It was the fight that saw Rios stick his head into Chaves’ face every time they clinched. The fight’s referee should have docked points from Rios on multiple occasions for his head butting but he instead opted to give Chaves a disqualification for an elbow he allegedly threw.

The fight between Bradley and Chaves might be an entertaining one if Bradley wills stand and trade with Chaves like he did the second time he faced Pacquiao.

However, if Bradley stays away and boxes for the entire fight it could be dull bout similar to his bout versus Marquez.