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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Walks Back Ray Rice Comments

MayweatherLAS VEGAS — Floyd Floyd Mayweather Jr.  apologized and walked back comments he made yesterday about NFL running back Ray Rice.  Mayweather Jr.  was quoted as saying he believed the NFL should have followed through on its initial two-game ban of former Ravens running back Ray Rice rather than suspend him indefinitely after the release of video showing Rice punching his then-fiancée in a casino elevator.

“They had said that they had suspended him for two games,” Mayweather said. “Whether they saw the tape or not, I truly believe a person should stick to their word. If you tell me you’re going to do something, do what you say you’re going to do. But once again, I’m not in the NFL, so I can’t really speak about the situation.”

After receiving widespread criticism about his comments Mayweather Jr.  took a different tack today.

“I was just getting word from people that there was a video out there. I didn’t know because I’m training for a fight,” Mayweather said after the final news conference for his rematch against Marcos Maidana on Saturday night. “If I offended anyone, I apologize. I didn’t mean to offend anyone and I apologize to the NFL and anyone else that got offended. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes and I don’t condone that at all.”

Mayweather Jr. has a history of domestic violence himself and in 2012 was sentenced to 90 days in jail at the Clark County detention Center in Las Vegas.

Mayweather, in further discussing the Rice case Tuesday, added: “Like I’ve said in the past, no bumps, no bruises, no nothing. With O.J. and Nicole, you seen pictures. With Chris Brown and Rihanna, you seen pictures. With [Chad] Ochocinco and Evelyn, you seen pictures. You guys have yet to see any pictures of a battered woman, a woman who says she was kicked and beaten [by me]. So I just live my life and try to stay positive, and try to become a better person each and every day.”