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Floyd Mayweather is Beating up his Sparring Partners

Word coming out of the Las Vegas gym owned by Floyd Mayweather is that he has destroyed the sparring partners during his training as he prepares for his big showdown fight against Manny Pacquiao on May 2 at the MGM Grand.

Mayweather puts his 47-0 record on the line versus his welterweight rival from the Philippines.

The American has reportedly beaten up on all those foolish enough to sign up to be his sparring partner according to Jeff Mayweather his uncle.

Mayweather’s uncle said that the young upstarts in camp do not care who they are boxing against they just want to prove they are worth something. They succeeded in proving something is for sure, as he is destroying each of them that enter the ring against him.

Zab Judah the former welterweight undisputed champion was signed to help Mayweather face southpaws. However, the experienced left-hander who gave a big scare to Mayweather before losing in 2006 on points suffered a fate quite similar to the younger fighters in the gym. Jeff Mayweather said that everything became so hyped because Judah was to be a different sparring partner, but he was worse than the young fighters said Uncle Jeff.

It appeared Floyd had a personal issue against Judah and he beat him to a pulp. Therefore, Mayweather backed off and let Judah go because he has a fight coming up and his eye was messed up.

At the same time, Pacquiao in Los Angeles training at Wild Card gym welcomed a visitor who was very high profile with ties to the Philippines. Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow the former quarterback for Florida and with a few teams in the NFL posted some photos to his Instagram with he and Pacquiao together at the gym.

In one photo Tebow posted that, it was awesome being with his Christian and Filipino brother. Tebow is known for being extremely open about being a Christian. He was born to missionary parents in the Philippines. Fred Sternburg a spokesperson for Pacquiao said that Tebow and the Filipino knew one another and embraced when Tebow entered the gym.

While Tebow was there, Bob Arum owner of Top Rank promoting and Pacquaio’s promoter was also there. Arum and Tebow sat and watched Pacquiao spar for six or seven rounds.

The fighters are carrying out balancing acts between the training and the entertaining of celebrities, athletes and dignitaries that stop by to get a glimpse of the and a chance take a selfie of two.