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George Groves Has Perfect Timing

George GrovesGeorge Groves has proved to have perfect timing. Just as all the fanfare was beginning to wane from the last epic clash with Carl “The Cobra” Froch his nemesis, Groves put on a great show to spark the interest of the public in the fighter from South London.

With an over the top entrance as has become customary, Groves entered London’s Wembley Stadium on a double-decker bus grabbing the imagination of the crowd and exciting them on Saturday.

However, his performance was less than noteworthy in his fight, although he still claimed victory.

Groves said the British public is talking much more about a third bout between him and Carl Froch the IBF/WBA super middleweight champ rather than a mandatory fight between Froch and James DeGale.

Groves believes the fans in Britain would rather that Froch fight a Brit again that see him fight Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. or Mikkel Kessler.

Groves says that even though Froch has the mandatory bout with DeGale no one is discussing that, they are instead talking about Froch and Groves.

However, not many people have heard that much about a Groves and Froch third bout especially after the less than stellar win Groves had last Saturday against Christopher Rebrasse the Super Middleweight Champion.

It seems the only one interested in seeing another Groves-Froch bout is Groves. He has started to speak out about the possible bout not the boxing media.

Groves believes that Froch has an eye on him and that is why Froch showed up at Groves’ fight, even though he was there to do color commentary for the bout.

Froch, when speaking with the media, was almost contemptuous about Groves. Froch came out and said he has defeated Groves twice and the road does not lead to a third bout.

Groves keeps the media and boxing fans from forgetting about a third bout with Froch, but it seems he is the only one interested in that happening at the moment.