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Jorge Arce Retires After Losing to Jhonny Gonzalez

Jorge ArceIn what was highly predictable, Jhonny Gonzalez the WBC featherweight champion stopped an overmatched Jorge Arce during the 11th round of a Saturday night bout in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Gonzalez is now 57-8 with 48 KOs, while Arce fell to 62-8-2 with 49 KOs.
The 35-year old Arce announced following the match that he was retiring, again.

However, you likely will start wondering how long his retirement this time will last prior to him returning for another bout since this is not the first time the Mexican fighter has announced his retirement.

Arce was knocked down on three occasions in the fight by Gonzalez and in between each of the three knockdowns, it seemed as if Gonzalez was just taking it easy on the veteran fighter.

If Gonzalez had come out with 100% of his power and ability, the match would have ended in two or three rounds. However, the fight looked more like a sparring session for Gonzalez than a match with a champion and a talented challenger.

The crowd was already unhappy with the two fighters by the 2nd round and Arce was cut even though Gonzalez had thrown few punches and landed even less.

Arce has won at least one major title in four different weight classes.

Arce was fighting in his hometown Los Mochis. He called the night wonderful thanks to fighting in front of family and friends. He said Gonzalez was bigger, stronger and better, calling the bout risky, but called himself a warrior and lasting into the 11th was better he said than what most people thought before the fight started.

Arce ended his post match interview by saying he was going out with his head held up high as he never let anyone down, won some titles and can still stand up to a champion at age 35.