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Major Changes Appear in the Making for Mayweather Promotions

Mayweather PromotionsIt appears that major changes are in the work for Mayweather Promotions with Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO in jeopardy of losing his job according to recent comments by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

During a brief interview, Mayweather Jr., expressed his unhappiness with his handwrapper/cutman Rafael Garcia, and made the suggestion that there were also problems between him and Ellerbe.

Only last week, a positive feature ran on Ellerbe in a major newspaper in Washington, in which Mayweather Jr. lavished praise upon the CEO.

The rematch Mayweather Jr. has with Maidana is the first promoted by Mayweather Promotions all on its own. It was licensed in July in Nevada and for the most part ran the show from there, with little to no involvement from Golden Boy Promotions, the Oscar De La Hoya company.

It was a difficult and awkward promotion that was made tougher thanks to a lawsuit filed by Mayweather’s ex-fiancée against him and for Mayweather’s own answer to a question about Ray Rice hitting his then-fiancée.

However, that could have been Ellerbe’s only real chance to run the show himself, as Mayweather has indicated he has grown apart from his CEO.

Ex Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer said, he had not seen the Mayweather interview and could not comment on that, when asked.

Bruce Binkow a Schaefer confidant was hired in a role of marketing along with several former employees during Schaefer’s time with Golden Boy being involved. However, Schaefer was for the most part invisible for the entire time up until the night of the fight.

However, with his experience he would be a good person to replace Ellerbe, if in fact Mayweather parts ways or fires the current CEO.

However, Schaefer has a legal dispute taking place with Golden Boy, which says he is employed with them until March of 2018.