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Orlando Salido earns Interim WBO Super Featherweight Title

Orlando SalidoOrlando Salido who is 42-12-2 with 29 KOs was able to defeat the hard hitting Terdsak Kokietgym the No 2 WBO contender who is 53-5-1 with 33 KOs, by a tougher than expected knockout in the 11th round on Saturday in Tijuana, Mexico.

No 1 WBO Salido earned an all important victory, but it did not come easy. Salido was floored on three occasions in the fight, being dropped during rounds 1, 2 and 5.

After the fight, Salido said that the three knockdowns were only flash knockdowns, but watching the hard lefts that Salido was hit with by Kokietgym, it is hard to consider the knockdowns as just flash knockdowns. The three appeared to all be legitimate knockdowns.

Salido also looked hurt on each occasion when he was knocked down. However, all the credit in the world has to go to Salido for being able to get up off the canvas each time he was knocked down.

Salido on the other hand was able to knock Kokietgym down on 4 occasions during the bout, including rounds 1, 4, 7 and 11.

The last time Salido hurt Kokietgym in the 11th round, Kokietgym bounced of the ropes and Salido pounced on the opportunity hitting him with 4 good shots to the head that knocked him finally onto the canvas on his back.

No matter how tough of a fighter Kokietgym is he was not getting up following that knockdown, as he was hurt badly.

He remained down for a long period, before he finally was helped up.

The victory by Salido puts him in line for a WBO super featherweight title shot. He is also reportedly interested in taking on Takashi Uchiyama the WBA Champion or Takashi Miura.

Either one of those two possible opponents would be a solid fight for Salido to accept.