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Oscar De La Hoya More Active in Golden Boy Promotions

Oscar De La HoyaThis past Friday for only the first time in over 10 years since Oscar De La Hoya founded his company Golden Boy Promotions, he seemed to be engaged and aware of what was taking place with the company.

In the beginning, he was content deferring to Richard Schaefer his onetime manager, whom he had appointed as the first CEO at Golden Boy.

De La Hoya while still boxing though investing a large sum of money in the founding and the operation of Golden Boy, seemed content to take on more of a secondary role.

When his career was over after taking a beating by Manny Pacquiao six years ago, De La Hoya said frequently he want to take charge, but his words rarely matched his actions.

He had an alcohol and drug problem and was not capable of impacting his company in a meaningful way.

In July, after leaving a rehab center he appeared in public for the first time. He said he was ready to begin anew and run the company, as Schaefer was no longer around.

However, on Friday he looked different. He looked decisive and in charge.

Some said they had not seen Oscar that way in over 20 years.

What is still to be determined is what is left of the company. Schaefer was brilliant building it up into a promotions powerhouse, but over his final year as the CEO, questions started to arise.

There are questions about what fighters are still with Golden Boy and what ones signed with Al Haymon following their contracts with Golden Boy.

One fighter who is still with Golden Boy is Canelo Alvarez, who currently is a massive draw and gives the promoter a strong influence still.

However, until things are sorted out in court in order to make fights that the public wants to watch, with Top Rank fighters, De La Hoya will have to work with Haymon.