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Ricky Burns to Battle Leonardo Esteban Gonzalez

Ricky BurnsFormer world champion in two divisions, Ricky Burns, who is 36-4-1 with 11 KOs, will fight his first bout in the light welterweight division on October 4 against Leonardo Esteban a 32-year old fighter from the second tier.

Gonzalez is 22-5-1, with 15 KOs in this career. The Argentine and Burns will fight a 10 round bout in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK.

The strange thing about this fight is that Burns will not be fighting an opponent who is a light welterweight.

Burns has been defeated in his past two fights most recently by Terence Crawford and before that Dejan Zlaticanin.

For many fans and observers, Burns actually has lost three straight fights, as many believe his draw last year against Raymundo Beltran was very questionable.

The weight class is set at 140. However, Burns will face Gonzalez who is a lightweight and not a 140 pounder.

It is defeating the purpose when one fighter moves up in weight class but drags a smaller opponent with him from the same defensive he leaves.

Burns will likely do well when he fights for the first time at 140, since his opponent is not a top tier fighter and not even in the top 15 as a ranked contender.

However, when Burns does face a quality fighter he could face all the same problems he has had over his last 3 fights.

Burns and Gonzalez both fought against Paulus Moses. Gonzalez lost in a knock out last year to Moses in the 7th round. Burns however won a decision in 12 rounds against Moses in 2012.

Burns in theory should easily defeat Gonzalez, but since defeating Beltran his boxing has only deteriorated. He might struggle even worse at 140 than he had been at 135 pounds.

He lacks power for fighting at this weight class, but that will not be seen until he faces his first true opponent.