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Roach Fuels Fire Over Mayweather Sparring Partners

Freddie Roach the long-time trainer for Manny Pacquiao has added fuel to the fire that Floyd Mayweather Jr., his fighter’s May 2 opponent, recently suffered through a pounding during his trainings from one of his sparring partners.

Roach, who is busy preparing the Filipino for the even at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, spoke after rumors had circulated that Zab Judah the former welterweight champion had knocked down Mayweather for 10 seconds or longer that was reported originally by a Ghanian website.

While Roach is not one to be hung up on the reporting of others, he indicated a close contact of his confirmed that Floyd has being struggling to deal with the intensity of his sparring session, but not specifically against just Judah.

Roach’s comment was posted on online saying that: Mayweather knocked around a couple of girls during sparring or something similar to that. However, I received a report from a friend from Mexico that one of his boys from Mexico beat Mayweather up two straight days.

Judah was amongst those who denied that he had been the boxer to send Mayweather to the canvas.

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe emphatically denied the reports as well on Sky Sports, saying the Zab has been in camp and is helping out with preparations for the fight as well several other sparring partners. Ellerbe said they are pushing Floyd, but nothing like a knock down ever took place. Mayweather’s current record is 47-0 and has never been knocked down during his career. While Pacquiao has seen some of this destructive power dissipate over the years, there is no doubt he is amongst the most likely to move the legs out from under Mayweather if any does.

As has Roach, Pacquiao has also ignored the rumors that Mayweather was knocked down. Fred Sternburg his publicist sent out an email that said Manny did not have a comment about that rumor nor does he have any interest in the camp where Floyd is training.

Incidentally, it was the same publication that is linked to a certain video of Mayweather being dominating against one of his sparring partners. These kinds of stories, ones that signal the edge is held by one over the other in training, will likely continue in the run up to the fight.

The reputation of both fighters hinges on whether their hands will be lifted above their head at the conclusion of the 12th round, so any tidbits or anecdotes will dominate the next five weeks.

Both Pacquiao and Mayweather however are professional enough to not let those kinds of things to interrupt their training regime. Besides, even if one was knocked down during sparing, it is not a measure of where they are. Once the microphone is pulled aloft, the lights descend and the first bell rings May 2, anything taking place beforehand is of great inconsequence.