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Roach Will Find it Difficult With Mayweather

Nacho Beristain a well known trainer thinks that Freddie Roach the trainer for Manny Pacquiao will have problems coming up with ways for the Filipino star to deal with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the many different things the undefeated champion will bring at Pacquiao.

Beristain said he sees the ability of Mayweather to move and his talent overall as a problem for Roach to find something to negate what he will be doing inside the ring. Beristain said it does not matter that Mayweather’s opponent is a southpaw, since Mayweather can handle that without a problem. Mayweather is complete as a fighter, said the trainer and it does not matter that Pacquiao is a lefty.

Nevertheless, Beristain did say he thinks that Mayweather can run into some problems from Pacquiao if he pressures him often in the bout, but believes Mayweather’s movement will give Roach and Pacquiao problems throughout the fight.

Beristain is not a fan of the fighting style of Mayweather. He did not say why, but it is likely something to do with Mayweather not being sufficiently stationary for his taste, as Beristain, much like Roach prefers the brawling type of fights.

Beristain’s top fighter Juan Manuel Marquez boxes very well against the brawler types, such as Pacquiao and many fans of boxing believe that Pacquiao was defeated by Marquez all of the four times the two met in the ring.

Marquez was beaten easily by Mayweather in 2009. It will be a difficult fight for Pacquiao and Roach. All of the ideas that Roach has about pressuring Mayweather and trying to overwhelm him with the number of punches can only be pulled off by Pacquiao, as he will just continue moving forward

Roach will not have anything for his fighter to do except to cut off Mayweather’s ring and force his opponent to fight with him. However, if Pacquiao fights like that he will likely be hit hard and often.

Pacquiao will need much more of a plan that to just pressure Mayweather all night, like Beristain has referred to. It will likely be impossible as well for Pacquiao to just keep coming forward and punching since he is 36 and likely will tire in each round after the first minute if he does that too often.

That plan seems like it would fail and everyone has see how Marquez failed so terribly in his bout versus Mayweather in 2009 but in the end, the likely scenario for Beristain is Pacquiao will lose to Mayweather the same way Marquez did.