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Sergey Kovalev Says He Will Defeat Hopkins

Sergey KovalevSergey Kovalev, who is 25-0-1 with 23 KOs, said he would kick the backside of Bernard Hopkins the IBF/WBA light heavyweight champion on November 8 when the two meet on HBO and give the win over Hopkins, who is 49 to Alexander his son.

Kovalev does not have real plans for the fight other than he is going to war. He will fight he says as he always does regardless of his opponent. He will attack Hopkins and look to hurt him. Kovalev will also look to push the pace to try to KO Hopkins with every punch he throws.

Hopkins however, will enter the fight with a number of different battle plans. Kovalev just wants to finish the bout as quickly as possible. What is unknown is whether or not Hopkins can take the punishing shots Kovalev will land. The pace will be quick whether Hopkins wants that or not.

Kovalev said he would defeat Hopkins and he is not worried about hurting his opponent because it is not swimming or bike riding he is boxing and the sports is painful at times.

Kovalev seems to be intent on giving Hopkins a beating in this bout and it will take every trick Hopkins has to prevent something like that from happening.

The last couple of years Hopkins has really aged and is not the boxing warrior he once was.

Hopkins is up against the wrong opponent at the wrong time. There are fighters Hopkins can still match up well against in his weight division but the fiery Kovalev does not seem to be one of them.

Hopefully, Hopkins can find a way to stay away from the powerful punches of Kovalev and if not the hope is, his trainer will do the correct thing if the fight is quickly out of hand.