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Three Times is a Charm: Brandon Rios vs Mike Alvarado

When Brandon Rios approached the news conference on Tuesday to announce his third grudge match with Mike Alvarado, all they did was give each other high fives and smiles, as if they were old friends, although that would never come to mind after seeing how they fight against one another.

They are friendly, good rivals but when they fight they do it with fierce passion that literally turned their prior two fights into purely dramatic fight fests. Both fights are candidates to be a fight of the year.

Rios said that they really needed to have the trilogy, as they are tied 1-1 and cannot let their careers end with that kind of tie.

They have to figure out who is the best. Both wanted the fight and finally they have it and they are more than ready to fight.

Alvarado added that it was part of their destiny for that to happen and he is ready for a great fight that will truly go down as a classic.

Based on the two first fights, it is very hard to argue with Mike Alvarado’s point of view. Back in October 2014, Rios (32-2-1, 23 knockouts) had a tenacious fight against Alvarado (34-3, 23 knockouts) and scored a 7th-round knockout.

In March of 2013, Alvarado was able to get his revenge in Nevada by winning by a close unanimous decision in another action-filled fight. The fight was also unforgettable. Alvarado fought strong enough during the second half of the fight to surpass Rios and take the decision.

With neither of the fighters having an obvious major match on their horizon, this tiebreaker looks like it makes great sense.

Both know obviously that the victory would move them to a bigger and more lucrative fight. However, both know they a loss will make it difficult to get that championship each desperate wants.