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Tyson Fury Refuses to Talk Prior to Rematch with Chisora

tyson-furyTyson Fury put tape over his mouth refusing to say anything during a press conference for the rescheduled heavyweight versus Dereck Chisora.

Tyson who is 26 was socked with a fine of £15,000 from the Boxing Board of Control in Britain after he directed a rant that was filled with obscenities at his opponent Chisora as well as journalists this past June.

He did not want to risk any further sanctions being imposed, so he wore tape with “BBB of C”’ along with questions marks written on it during another gathering of the media in anticipation of his return bout scheduled for November 29 in the ExCel Arena in London.

Fury was the winner of the first bout between the two in 2011 on points. However, the second fight was postponed when Chisora suffered an injured hand only a few days prior to the bout’s original date back in July.

Mick Hennessy, the fight’s promoter, speaking on behalf of Fury said that sometimes you get Tyson as a gentleman and sometimes, if he is not rubbed the right way, you get another side of him.

The promoter said that Fury should be able to be himself and we do not want the fight to be in jeopardy of not going off on the date it is set for.

Fury used gestures with his hands to communicate that he was planning to keep tape on for all his upcoming interviews. He also gestured that he was expecting a knockout win in the rematch during the first round.

However, Chisora shrugged off this most recent bizarre incident of the controversial career of his opponent and remained confident he could even the score with Fury in an explosive fashion.

Chisora said he did not blame his opponent for wearing tape, as a matter of fact he said Fury could wear it to all the upcoming interviews, but he does not believe his opponent will wear it until the fight.