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WBC President Shows Off Custom Belt Made for Canelo v GGG Fight

The WBC has crafted an incredible looking belt for the upcoming Canelo v GGG match on
September 15th. The belt is made from a pure fossilized amber that dates back from 25-40
million years ago. The belt bears on the plaque the legend “Majbanéj-Maya” which translates as
“Mayan Warrior”, which is honor of the 12 Mayan towns of the state. Mexican artisans created
the belt and wanted to capture the pre-Hispanic technique of the Chiapanec loom. There is
white cotton on the belt which is meant to show the armor of ancient Mayan warriors. The belt
was made in honor of Mexican Independence Day, which falls a day after the fight. The belt is
called “Adolfo López Mateos”.

Canelo v GGG Fight 2

The belt was help made in part by Interjet, who has been a sponsor of both of the Canelo v
GGG bouts. The belt will be carried by an Interjet plane to Vegas where it will be awarded to the
winner of Canelo v GGG 2. The WBC president, Mauricio Sulaiman, said that the belt took
upwards of three months to make.

Mauricio Sulaiman also says this tiebreak will be spectacular and worthy of a night of Mexican
boxing. The belt is worthy of the champion as it was made specifically for this fight and it is
made of the highest quality. The belt is also patterned with the flags of the world to show that
this is a global title.

Canelo v GGG 2 will be a close contest and the extra incentive to win this custom made belt will
make this contest even closer. Golovkin has vowed to knock out Canelo after his failed drug test
but if the last fight is of any indication then this will be a close battle that could go 12 rounds. So,
who will take home this beautiful belt? Check out our tale of the tape to get more insight into the
fight and see what the tape says.